In so many Greek religious ceremonies, a traditional recipe is embraced not only to observe the ritual but bring the family together to share the celebration.  Lagana is a perfect example.  Eaten only once a year on “Kathari Deftera” or Clean Monday, this unique bread celebrates an ancient story and the start of Greek Lent. This delicious bread not only observes Greek traditions but is easy to make, and a wonderful opportunity to share Greek customs with your young family.

Try baking traditional Greek Lagana at home


Traditional Lagana – “Clean Monday” Treat Before Greek Lent


Lagana – ancient history combined with delicious modern recipes

The original Lagana was an unleavened bread literally made from 2 ingredients – flour and water – and is believed to be the bread eaten by God’s people escaping suffering in ancient Egypt.  Modern Lagana recipes have changed – yeast and sesame seeds are a favourite and some recipes include delicious tahini and white wine.  If your grandmother or” yia yia” made Lagana on Clean Monday with tahini, this is the recipe your family will have passed down!


Lagana – delicious Greek Bread to bake with your family

Greek celebrations are not just delicious feasts but bring people together; traditions are observed, recipes passed down and stories shared.  Baking Lagana with your family is a great opportunity not just to pass over a recipe, but bond with your loved ones and share the stories, beliefs and customs of the wonderful Greek culture.

Little kids and big ones love baking Greek Lagana; especially the last little jobs essential before placing the baking tray into the oven- using their fingers to poke into the risen dough and sprinkling delicious sesame seeds over the loaves before baking in the oven! 


Greek Lagana – embrace Greek traditions and share with your loved ones


Not only is Greek Lagana a delicious treat to celebrate the start of Orthodox Lent, it’s also a way to share special time with your loved ones over the mixing bowl.  Want to bake “Clean Monday” dishes at home? Olympic Specialty Products offers a range of traditional Greek spices, quality flour and more to help create a wonderful Greek taste experience at home.


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