Traditional sweet breads are an important part of Greek celebrations – Christmas, Easter and Nativity to name a few. Even though there are many recipes from different regions and islands, one recipe is made everywhere in Greek homes for one celebration – Tsoureki for Greek Easter. Let’s discover the baking tips for the ultimate Easter Tsoureki!

Find our traditional ingredients for Greek Tsoureki here.


Greek Tsoureki


Specialty Spices for Greek Easter BreadMahlepi

Greek Easter Tsoureki, like brioche from France, is a rich, sweet bread eaten to celebrate the end of Lent.  However, Greek Easter Tsoureki has two special flavours added – mahlepi from ground cherry seed, and mastic, a flavour from trees in Chios. It’s these traditional ingredients which make this Greek Easter bread’s taste completely unique!


Beautiful Greek Easter Tsoureki Decoration Tips

Like all Greek festive meals, wonderful decorating traditions celebrate the occasion. Braiding the tsoureki before baking is a tradition believed to symbolise the Holy Trinity, and red eggs are often baked into the rich bread to honour the resurrection. In the past, red eggs were dyed by boiling with brown onion skins, but nowadays, food dye is more popular.

Greek Lent breadSprinkling the tsoureki before baking is another old tradition, with sesame seeds used for good luck or almonds symbolizing rebirth. The symbolism of Greek Easter Bread is important and a great opportunity to share with loved ones the family traditions passed down by yia yia.


No time for baking?

Greek Easter celebrations are a wonderful way to bring the family together to share and pass on the Greek Easter customs, but baking Easter Tsoureki takes hours. Modern families often don’t have the time to create traditional recipes. Olympic Specialty Products offer traditional Greek Easter Tsoureki as well as the delicious modern tastes – chocolate, chestnut and hazelnut just to name a few! Thankfully here in Australia, the chance of Vegemite tsoureki is still incredibly low!


Easter Bread for Greek families everywhere

Whether baking at home or living the busy life of modern families, Olympian Foods help celebrate Greek Easter with your loved ones everywhere in Australia.