Greek Orthodox Lent is upon us and we Greeks love our food.  Lent fasting rules are pretty complicated but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  Greeks not only love food, we love history, culture and beliefs which is why Greek Orthodox celebrations are some of the most important of the year. Let’s discover the easy steps for ideal Greek fasting foods for Lent recipes and how to share them with the whole family!

Yes, we are still delivering Greek breads, snacks and Greek recipe ingredients across Australia during Orthodox Lent 2020.  You can still cook up a storm this Lent.


Greek fasting foods for lent

Greek Lent Fasting Rules

In all traditional Greek Orthodox fasting periods, meat, dairy products and fish (except shellfish) are not eaten at all.  Vegetables, cereals, legumes like chickpeas and lentils as well as fruits are allowed all year and not surprisingly, the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world!

Unlike some cultures, traditional Greek Lenten recipes are based on everyday food from the olden day villages where roast meat and grills were usually enjoyed at celebrations, not daily life.  Here in Australia, we can buy the basic ingredients needed for most Greek Lent recipes at our local shops nowadays and prepare the delicious meals in half the time it took yiayia!

How To Create Easy and Delicious Greek Fasting Recipes

It’s easy to understand why many believe fasting is tricky, but traditional Greek recipes are a wonderful way to make sure everything your body needs to be healthy is available. During Greek Lent, delicious shellfish is allowed and Greek Lenten recipes for octopus, calamari and mussels are wonderful. The most important thing is to have a balance – grilled octopus, “Fassoulada” a rich soup made from small white beans, served with a plate of olives, scrumptious ripe tomatoes dressed with olive oil and a loaf of bread show fasting is not a problem! Not only will you enjoy a delicious meal, all the nutrients your body needs are provided.  Well done!

Can I Have Something Sweet during Greek Lent?

Absolutely!  “Halvas” a delicious sweet pudding made from semolina, oranges and sultanas is a perfect treat through Greek Lent. Enjoy Lent biscota or sweet loaf over Greek coffee with your friends or just relax with a handful of delicious dried fruit, nuts and a fresh apple.

Greek Orthodox Lent 2020 – New Challenges?

While the rules of Greek Orthodox Lent seem confusing, we’re lucky to be restricted to foods still readily available.  If you’re in need of Greek breads and Orthodox Lent-friendly ingredients for all your favourite Lent recipes – check out our home delivered bread and Greek ingredients online sections.

Greek Orthodox Lent Anywhere in Australia

In Australia, whether you are observing Greek Lent by yourself or with the family, Olympian Specialty Products has the wonderful ingredients for baking traditional Greek fasting foods for Lent recipes at home as well as wonderful treats to share with your loved ones anywhere in Australia. Wishing everyone “Kalo Pascha.”