Greek Tsoureki, a traditional sweet bread, is changing! Our rich sweet bread prepared using the best ingredients – fresh eggs and milk, rich butter and aromatic Greek spices – now has a new look.  Welcome Olympic Chocolate Coated Specialty Sweet Breads!

Check our amazing new Tsoureki flavours here.

Greek White Chocolate Tsoureki Sweet Bread
 White Chocolate and Raspberry Sweetbread

Specialty Sweet Breads and Brioche to Share

Traditional sweet breads are an important part of Greek celebrations – Christmas, Easter and Nativity to name a few. Greek families have settled around the world and combined local ideas with traditional customs to create amazing flavours.  Our delicious new Greek Sweet Breads are a great size and perfect treat to share with the whole family. Based on traditional tsoureki recipes using unique Greek flavours like mahlepi from ground cherry seed and mastic from the island of Chios, our Specialty Sweet Breads have taken a new look!

Greek Tsoureki with New Flavours and Fillings

Our fantastic Chocolate Coated Tsoureki is a perfect example of our new Specialty Sweet Breads – rich, sweet traditional tsoureki loaf coated in delicious chocolate!

Not only have we covered our sweet breads in delicious chocolate, these wonderful treats also offer a choice of amazing fillings!  Combining Australian chestnuts, lemon juice, sugar and organic vanilla creates our delectable Chocolate Coated Sweet Bread with Chestnut filling.

Why not try our Chocolate Coated Nutella Sweet Bread; the wonderful hazelnut and chocolate spread is a delicious match with our soft Greek sweet breads.

If you are looking for something completely different, White Chocolate with Raspberry Sweetbread combines the delicious tastes of Greek tsoureki with raspberry jam and white chocolate poured over the top!

Olympian Specialty Sweet Breads Freshly Prepared and Delivered

Whether you are sitting around the table with family and friends or celebrating Greek Christmas, Olympian Specialty Sweet Breads are a wonderful way to share traditional Greek flavours and exciting new tastes. Prepared in our Melbourne kitchens, our delicious Specialty Sweet Breads are only available online so order now and you can enjoy fresh Chocolate Greek Breads at your family’s next celebration.