One of the most essential staple foods in Greece is bread. Traditional Greek pita bread is a wonderful example of an age-old recipe still important in modern Greek cuisine. Many types of pita bread are still eaten everywhere in the world, but Traditional Greek pita bread is different.  Let’s discover the history of this wonderful bread which has been wrapped, dunked and stuffed with delicious things for thousands of years.

Want to try baking traditional Greek Pita Bread at home? The most important ingredients are here.

How is Greek pita bread different to other pita breads?

Greek Pita BreadThe main difference between traditional Greek pita bread and other pita varieties is very simple – traditional Greek pita is not baked in an oven and is a thicker, soft flat bread with no pocket.  In ancient times, the simple recipe was cooked over the fire and created a soft, thick bread not only the easiest way to fill up but perfect as an edible spoon used at every meal!

How to make traditional Greek pita at home

Easy to make and using only four ingredients, Greek pita is a traditional recipe perfect to share with your family. The secret to the best traditional Greek pita is simple – use the best flour available, good yeast and great olive oil. Strong flour, made from hard wheat with high protein levels, turns the dough into a delicious airy and chewy bread.

The dough is made like any bread dough but cut into portions instead of loaves, rolled and fried in a pan – simple! Traditional Greek pita, fresh from the pan and simply brushed with olive oil, is delicious. Favourite flavours are often added to the recipe before cooking-fresh oregano, thyme or black sesame seeds to name a few.

Delicious homemade pita breads for Traditional Greek Lent

Traditional Greek pita is not only delicious, it’s a great base for wonderful variations. After rising, spread the dough with delicious tahini, cinnamon and sugar, roll into pinwheels and bake to create “Tahinopita.”  Leeks, slowly fried in olive oil and herbs, create a tasty filling for “Prassopita.”  Delicious herbs, vegetables, nuts or fruits will create a delightful pita perfect for Greek Lent.

Traditional Greek pita – perfect for everyone

Greek Orthodox Lent is a time for fasting and reflection. Four simple ingredients make this wonderful recipe not only ideal for Greek Lent, but perfect for vegans and vegetarians – really anyone who would like to try delicious Greek recipes!  Home schooling?  Pita bread pizzas, pita bread chips and pita bread sandwiches make an easy, quick and “not the same-same” feast for kids at home.  Olympian Specialty Products provide the best Greek ingredients to create Traditional Greek pita bread at home.