We all know that Greek Melomakarona or Honey Macaron taste amazing, but what makes these Greek Honey biscuits better than any other!?

Melomakarona are my absolute favourite Greek Christmas cookies. And how couldn’t they be? These cookies are incredibly soft, moist, flavoursome and soaked in a delicious honey syrup. Once baked, the intense aromas of the sweet spices permeates the house and brings back childhood memories.

Though they are thought to have originated in ancient Phoenicia, melomakaronas (μελομακάρονα) are nowadays a typical Greek Christmas treat that are served during Christmas time throughout Greece.

These delicious semolina cookies are traditionally flavoured with honey, orange zest, cinnamon, olive oil, and sometimes cognac.

Immediately after baking, Melomakarona cookies are doused in honey syrup, then sprinkled with ground walnuts. Although some argue that another Greek treat that goes under the name finikia refers to a slightly different dessert, occasionally fried and served without walnuts, today both names are used interchangeably. 

In some regions “melomakarona” are also called “finikia”. The traditional recipe for melomakarona and finikia is pretty much the same, but sometimes finikia are deep fried instead of baked.

The roots of Melomakarona go back to ancient Greece

I was looking for the history of the word melomakarona and I was amazed to find out that this recipe has its roots in ancient Greece. How interesting is that.

The word “melomakarona” is a combination of the two words “meli”, which means honey, a basic ingredient in this recipe and the best melomakarona are those that give you the taste of honey and “makarona”. “Makarona” μακαρωνια comes from the ancient word “makaria” was a kind of a pie or a sweet small bread or cookie that was offered during the farewell / funeral dinner or offered to the soul. The ancient Greeks were making something that was similar to the recipe that we still use today as an offer to God. During the past centuries, honey was added as a symbol of happiness and prosperity, and for sure you get happy eating the melomakarona!

Olympian Melomakarona or honey macarons are available to order online or you can find them at selected Coles and Woollies and in all good IGA’s and local gourmet and Greek food stores nationally.