Dry Yeast 125g


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Lesaffre Instant Dry Yeast.

Lesaffre is constantly adapting and perfecting yeast solutions to keep pace with changes in bread-making methods.

Consequently, in 1973 the Lesaffre Group launched an "instant dried yeast" that, unlike active dry yeast, doesn’t need rehydration before use while at the same time providing a fermentation power 30 to 40% higher than active dry yeast. It is comparable to that of compressed yeast despite weighing between three and four times less, and offers the same ease of use.

Instant dried yeast often allows for speedy and uniform absorption within the dough. It can be added directly to the mixer by mixing it dry with the flour or by sprinkling it on top of the dough when mixing begins. Lesaffre Australia Pacific has two types of instant yeast available, to suit specific baking applications.

This free flowing yeast is obtained from dehydrating compressed yeast and is packed in 125 gr. The vacuum-packed sachets guarantee the product's stability at ambient temperature, up to the date shown on the packaging. Our instant dry yeast has a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture and is Halal certified.


  • Provides uniform fermentation throughout your baking system
  • Vacuum packaging ensures freshness, consistency, and minimal activity loss until opened
  • Free flowing properties make it as easy to weight as other dry ingredients
  • Does not need to be rehydrated: can be added directly to the mixer by mixing it dry with the flour
  • Unopened, Saf Instant Red needs no refrigeration
  • Long shelf life

Test kitchen tips

SAF instant is the yeast used most often in test kitchens. It's easy to use (no proofing or pre-dissolving), fast-acting and long-lasting, continuing to work for hours longer than "rapid" yeast. It's absolutely reliable. AND it costs 75% LESS than supermarket active dry yeast.

Dietary information

  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher

Ingredients: Yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae), sorbitan monostearate. Sorbitan monostearate is an emulsifier and stabiliser. It is produced from sorbitol and stearic acid. It is a normal fatty acid from vegetable or animal origin. It is included to help the rehydration of the dried yeast.

Product weight: 125g