Easter Egg Red Dye

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Traditional Greek Red Easter Egg Dye For 50 Eggs


Eggs should be room temperature.

Dissolve the sachet of dye in a cup of Boiling Water. Place your eggs gently in a medium saucepan a layer at a time. Cover eggs with water, add the dissolved egg dye and 5 tablespoons of Red Wine Vinegar.  Boil the eggs for 20-25 minutes on low to medium heat. (If heat is too high your eggs will crack). Remove eggs from dye, Cool and Shine with a cloth you have dipped in oil. If you like your colour a deeper red add 2 sachets of Olympian Red Egg Dye.

Product weight: 5g

Product of Australia

Ingredients: Food grade (122)

1 review for Easter Egg Red Dye

  1. Despina Solomos

    The best red dye i have used. It gives it a rich deep red colour. I will buy this again. Very easy to use.

    • Olympian

      Thank you for your wonderful feedback Despina. We hope you had a wonderful Easter.

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