Original Mini Toasts 100g



Mini Toasts have been around for many generations. It began as a way to preserve bread but it has now turned into a very popular and very nutritious basis for many dishes. It is basically a traditional toast or "Rusk" baked since the middle ages that is often full of herbs like oregano or aniseed or even olive oil. Mini Toasts is the basis for a salad made with tomatoes and feta, the juices of the tomato and the added olive oil make the mini toasts even softer and tastier and is perfect and very fulfilling.

Serving Suggestion:
Break the toasts into pieces; add chopped tomato, green pepper slices, sliced onion, capers, salt and olive oil. Mix well and enjoy a hearty balanced meal rich in energy and low in calories.

Can also be served with your favourite dip or cheese.

Ingredients: Flour, Water, Vegetable Oil, Yeast, Salt, Bread Improver, Sugar, Aniseed.


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