Wholemeal Mini Toasts 100g



Sugar Free

These mini toasts are unique in the world. Olympian's Wholemeal Mini Toasts made from quality and healthy raw materials.

Olympian’s wholemeal mini toasts are the perfect supplement to the famous Mediterranean diet. Can be eaten at breakfast time, dinner and lunchtime next to the cheese plate, and as a treat to the afternoon tea or coffee. It is also perfect as a healthy snack throughout the whole day.

Mini Toasts also replaces bread in many Greek tables that prefer something more healthy and unique. As every whole meal bread the fibres of the "mini toasts" help for the good functioning of our intestines. It has a high dietetic value and it is essential in a well-balanced diet.

Ingredients: Fine Meal, Water, Rye Flour, Yeast Salt, Bread Improver.


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