Traditional Greek Breads

“Bread is the king of the table and all else is merely the court that surrounds the king.”

Louis Bromfield

We Deliver Delish Traditional Greek Bread across Australia

Fancy something a little decadent with your coffee? Need to provide customers with something sweet and uniquely Greek? Welcome to our selection of contemporary and traditional Greek breads online. Our breads are made with only the finest ingredients and delivered fresh, Australia wide. You’ll find our selection of sweet bun loaves in all the best delis and specialty stores. Can’t find traditional Greek sweet breads near you? Order your favourite sweetloaf online now.


Order your fresh bread online now for fast delivery

Enjoy traditional Greek bread anytime

Let’s face it, every day is a good day for a delicious sweetloaf. Enjoy a slice with coffee, a little for dessert, and easy lunchbox snack or even a piece toasted for breakfast. 


Our breads are baked fresh to last longer

We deliver fresh bread Australia wide. Our family’s sweetloaf bakery has been making and delivering bread to cafes, grocers and families for two generations.  We’ve learned the secret to creating and packaging sweetloaves that last longer in the pantry, if you can resist that temptation! When you buy our Greek breads online, you’re buying quality, tradition and from a family just like yours. 


Traditional sweet loaves with a tasty, tasty twist

Introduce the whole family to our sweet loaf selections, even those little picky eaters. Inspire a love of traditional Greek breads, like our mouth-watering Tsoureki by treating them to a modern twist.  Love Nutella? Craving chocolate? Can’t walk past a jam filled bun? We take everything you love about traditional Greek baking and give it a modern, tasty twist.  


Buy Greek Bread Online with Fast Delivery

We’re currently in high demand but our family are dedicated to providing our many customers with fast delivery and excellent service.  Order your sweet loaf online now and we’ll get it to you fast and fresh. Because we know you can’t wait to taste our traditional Greek bread.