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Original baked delights, infused with traditional and contemporary ingredients

Just add your imagination

There is no limit to what you can create!

Original baked delights

Dairy free with satisfying, full flavour

Honouring tradition

Specially preparing something unique

Authentic ingredients

For your own gourmet creations

New Frappe Coffee Maker

Coffee is an essential element of Greek culture and lifestyle. And it’s not just hot coffee that we’re talking about here! Whether it’s for a morning pick me up, an afternoon coffee hit or just cruisy days on the beach, an iced coffee and Greek summer go hand in hand.

Create the perfect Freddo, Frappe, Cappuccino, Macchiato or Latte with our high quality stainless Steel Coffee Maker and Milk Frother.

Frappe Coffee Maker
Frappe - Greek Summer coffee

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A delicious range of sweet Greek breads that can be enjoyed at any meal, regardless of the time of year. Try our soft braided Sweet Loaf, or the more traditional Tsoureki Easter Bread and Vasilopita today

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If you like to enjoy an authentic Greek biscuit with your coffee, we can offer you an extensive range to choose from. Delicacies such as Kourambies White Almond Cookies, honey drenched Melomakarona, dairy free Sesame Biscota, or the soft butter vanilla Koulourakia.

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Our range of Greek rusks is constantly expanding. Continental tea rusks, wholemeal rusks, grissini biscuits and now our new olive oil rusks and mini toasts are the perfect accompaniment as a sandwich, a sweet and savoury meal, healthy snack or for entertaining guests.

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Specialty pastas and grains, created using the finest of ingredients are a perfect base for hearty soups and traditional Greek pasta dishes. Try our Egg Noodle Pasta, Wholemeal Pasta or Trahanas in your next dinner creation or make a high protein breakfast meal with Yograin.

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Love baking or making your own pasta? The Olympian flour range is second to none when it comes to quality and texture. We offer both fine and coarse semolina, the finest premium plain flour, self raising and special white flour for all of your pasta, bread, biscuit and baking needs.

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As with all cuisines, the subtle use of spices in Greek cooking is essential to creating an authentic and delicious meal. Try our spice range of cinnamon, aniseed, mahlepi, mastiha, vanilla powder, dry yeast and more in your next meal preparation to make it extra special.

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Our freshly made Turkish Delight is delicately chewy, perfectly sweetened, and scented with the exotic flavours. The Turkish Delight came into being as a royal delicacy, which very soon became one of the most coveted dishes to have ever come out of the royal kitchens.

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Mastiha is a natural resin, for clean teeth and fresh breath. It was the first natural chewing gum of the ancient world. Chewing mastiha effectively helps to massage and exercise the gums, prevents tooth decay and limits the formation of plaque.

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Bringing you high quality gourmet, natural and delicacies from Greece.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an unrefined oil and the highest quality olive oil you can buy.

Whatever your taste, we are proud to create it

Our passion for perfecting the most delectable of European tastes is born from a heart-felt family tradition. Most of the recipes we follow have been in our family for generations. Only the best ingredients are selected to ensure these authentic Greek delights remain true to their origins. Still in most cases hand-made, Olympian Specialty Products have an extra touch of quality.
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Discover our range of delicious traditional style recipes.

The best turkish delight...

I have had a lot of Turkish delight in my life. My entire family absolutely
love your rose and almond. It’s the best Turkish Delight we have ever had. I bought them all boxes for Christmas. Thank you for something so yummy for my whole family. – Judy E.

Just a note to personally thank you...

Hello there

Just a note to personally thank you for organising the 2kg Turkish Delight, this was greatly appreciated by both myself and my husband.

We hope to place an order in a few weeks again as we love the biscotti (1Kg) and of course the easter bread, which I have tried thousands of times to make unsuccessfully to make through out the years.  Just a question are the biscotti and easter bread made by you guys or do you import and repackage, because it was sooooo fresh, who wants to wait for easter its months away!

Thank you again Debbie for organising the above.

Cheers for now



I just wanted to let you know...


I just wanted to let you know that I came in a few days before Easter to purchase SAF Gold yeast and was served by the lovely Debbie. She was so helpful and took the time to go the extra mile to help me, even though I could see how busy she was just before Easter.

Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service Debbie. Very rare to find this level of service.

Ps the SAF gold yeast and Farina flour worked wonders😊

Kind Regards


Awesome Tsourekia...

Hi Debbie & Team,

Thank you soooo much for the awesome Tsourekia that I have not stopped eating one of them since I received them.  For the other, I would like to know how best to store it? Do I freeze it?  Do I remove the egg first to freeze it?  Any tips?

All the best & great to hear that you rocked during Easter.


I was so pleasantly surprised...

I recently purchased some koulourakia from our local woolworths store. I wanted to let you know that I was so pleasantly surprised to find how much they remind me of my late mothers koulouria which I always loved. I now find myself buying some each week!

Thanks for a great product.


Lula Osborne


Hello from Sydney and thank you...

Hello from Sydney and thank you.. We had today the white chocolate covered tsoureki. It was so delicious with coffee, we forgot the lockdown 😊

Kind regards,