Coffee is an essential element of Greek culture and lifestyle.  And it’s not just hot coffee that we’re talking about here!  Whether it’s for a morning pick me up, an afternoon coffee hit or just cruisy days on the beach, it’s an iced coffee and Greek summer that go hand in hand.  But what’s a Frappe? Put simply, a Frappé, is a foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee (Nescafe), water, sugar, and evaporated milk or sometimes even ice-cream!

Here’s how simple it is to make a genuine Greek Frappé:

  1. Put about 2-3 teaspoons of Nescafe instant Greek coffee into a big glass
  2. Add the required amount of sugar to your taste
  3. Now add a little water to your coffee-sugar mixture in your glass. (About 1/3 cup of water is good.)
  4. Use our electric milk frother and froth your coffee until it’s nice and foamy and fills the glass about halfway.
  5. Next, add ice to fill the cup, then top it off with water. Leave a little room for a splash of milk or half & half and add that last! Finished and ready to drink!

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