Trahana Sour 500g – Made with Fresh Milk and Yoghurt


Trahana is a wheat product that is eaten throughout Greece and now many other countries around the world. It is usually added to soups and stews, and is also eaten as a porridge. Traditionally it was a way to preserve milk for the winter, when production was always lower, by mixing it with wheat and drying it. Trahana is an ancient food that fewer and fewer country cooks bother to make at home. But Olympian Specialty Products are the only manufacturers in Australia who produce this product.

Coupled with meat, especially goat, it makes for a hearty winter meal. It is the basis of countless pies from central and northern Greece. It is also the country’s first instant soup, mixed with water and served with yogurt or crumbled feta. There are even island recipes that call for mixing sweet trahana with grape must.

Trahana, in its most basic form, as a filling porridge, is the traditional farmer’s breakfast in the Greek countryside.



Our Trahanas combines finely cracked wheat and semolina grains fermented with yoghurt and then dried and sieved into tiny pallets. This combination creates a delicious distinctive base for soups and Greek style pasta dishes.

Ingredients: Flour, Semolina, Milk, Yoghurt, Milk Powder, Water Added.

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